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Healthy + Happy Holiday Habits

Christmas & NYE are almost here - which means you most likely have a ton of family gatherings and holiday parties coming up!

It's so easy to get caught up in all the events and let your health get put on the back burner. After all... the new year is approaching, we can just start over then, right?

No - it doesn't have to be that way if we decide to change our mindset during the holidays!

Here are some of my best tips to staying healthy & happy during this busy season!

1. Enzymes & Bitters

This time of year we are around food, treats, and fun drinks way more often than normal. We of course want to enjoy ourselves, but we also don't want to overdo it and feel like crap.

Adding in a digestive enzyme or some digestive bitters with your meals can help your body digest these bigger meals and foods that you aren't normally eating. This can help with bloating, gas, constipation, and overall stomach issues.

I love this bloating be gone supplement by WellTold Health and these bitters by Urban Moonshine work really well!

2. A.M. Workouts

Again, it's so easy for us to get out of our normal routines this time of year. It's still important to focus on our health & nutrition even if that means disking it back a little bit.

One way to stick with your normal routine is to get your daily workout in first thing in the morning - rather than putting it off for later. This way you can get it out of the way and have the rest of your day for fun holiday activities!

Even if you only have time to squeeze a quick ten minute workout in - it's better than nothing!

If you need some quick ideas for home workouts, I love this YouTube channel!

3. Balanced Meals

When you're at these holiday events surrounded by endless food and drinks - focus on creating a balanced plate. Scan your options and see what you're working with before making your plate.

Aim for protein, carbs, and fiber - aka fruits and/or veggies!

Some ways to fill your plate:

Protein: ham, turkey, deviled eggs

Carbs: mashed potatoes, sweet potato, noodles

Fiber: fruit tray, salad, green beans

Building a plate this way will help keep you feeling full and energized opposed to overindulging and feeling bloated and tired with a belly ache.

4. Lots of Water

This one is so simple, but so important! Grab your favorite bottle and carry it around with you to each function and fill up often! Drinking plenty of water will also help with proper digestion and elimination, which is essential when eating foods we aren't used to.

If you're looking for a new bottle, check out the Simple Modern brand! So many cute options!

5. Don't Just Say F*ck It

It's so easy to get in the mindset that the new year is approaching and to just have a free for all over the holidays.

Unfortunately, thinking like this can still take a toll on us and our health. It makes it that much harder to jump back into our normal routine after the new year and it may make us feel not so great after overindulging and overeating for a week or more.

There are ways to still enjoy yourself and keep your health goals in mind!

Keep these tips in mind this holiday season and see for yourself how better off you will be when 2024 comes around!

Wishing you all a healthy + happy Christmas & New Year!

-The Healthy Happy Blonde

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